Purchasing a property and its development for Farmhouse/ Industrial/ Residential purpose is a big decision in one’s life. However, one has to be careful while purchasing a property to dodge the further hassles. Before purchasing a property includes a number of things such as legal matters, vastu, architecture, town planning, construction etc.

For making such a big decision regarding the purchase of property and its development one needs the proper advice from the concerned person of the related field regarding all the above things. Here, at Pushkar Shelters we do understand this trouble which our clients face thus, we provide you all these advising services from the expert person of the related field so that you can take the proper and informed decision about your purchase.


Legal things are so much time consuming and no one wants to get into it. But, when it comes to the purchase of any kind of property whether it’s for the farmhouse or industrial or for the residential purpose one needs to get all the information regarding the legal status of that property in order to elude the further hassles.

To make our clients purchase smooth with us without facing any trouble we provide the legal advice to our clients. We have our own in-house legal advisor team who has the relevant experience, have a practical focus on the current laws and are an expert in the field. Our legal advisor will guide you with all the legal matters related to your purchase of the property.


VastuShastra is the system of architecture for living in harmony and tuning with nature. It is based on a traditional Hindu system. Though it is traditional but in this advanced time also we follow Vastu principles because of its scientific approach to almost all the important things in our life to enjoy all the happiness.

It basically suggests the way of living in harmony and in tune with nature by in-taking enough sunlight, fresh air, and space which is required to attain the charm of life, health, wealth, hygiene, and the harmony of the family.

So, while purchasing the property obviously one needs to get the proper advice about the Vastu of the property. For this, we provide Vastu consultation for all sorts of Vastu related issues for any type of purchase whether farmhouse or industrial or the residential property.


Landscape designing mainly focuses on both the combined master landscape planning of a property and the precise garden design of landscape elements and plants within it. Our Architects are responsible for offering the innovative and best project designs. We provide the landscape designing assistance to our clients through our expert landscape designing team.


Town planning is an interdisciplinary and extensive field. It is art and science to secure the maximum feasible degree of economy, convenience, and beauty. This is by ordering the use of land and sitting of buildings and the communication routes. The work of town planner is to sanction the projects as per the government rules. It is basically an attempt to formulate the principles to guide us in the creation of a civilized physical background for human life. Our expert town planner will guide you through every aspect of town planning.


The role of the architect is to plan, design, and supervise the construction of buildings in order to assure the safety of public. Generally, the expectation of the design proposal is that it should be both creative as well as realistic. The specific extent and nature of both of these expectations depends on the culture, finance, place, time, and the accessibility of the crafts and technology and will vary accordingly.

It is a responsibility of the architect to create a concept of design as per the requirements of the clients. Thus, for this, we provide the architectural service for the designing of the building. Our expert and well-experienced architect will question the client to determine all the requirements and the nuances of the project.


We are recognized for our expertise on the faster turnaround of speedy execution of construction and renovation of the projects. Our contractor first assesses the documents related to the project as per the instruction of the architect or the architectural technologist. We offer paramount service with high quality, within the time limit and at a reasonable cost along with the stunning look of the project.

On your development project before breaking the ground, you will need the sealed engineering report. Our expert and experienced land development group knows how to take the project from the concept stage to the further design, permitting and construction phase. We provide a complete range of professional and the cost-effective construction services. This includes bungalow, apartments, row houses, etc.