Hello, or Should I Say “Namaskar!!”

I am Mr. Ganesh G. Dhamal, Managing Director of Pushkar Shelters welcome you all in various projects of the company. I take this opportunity to share the beginning experience of my company Pushkar Shelters with you. I launch any site or project by thinking about the people and nature first. This is because of my own experience which I have gone at the time of selecting a farmhouse for my own and I would like to share that experience today.

While selecting a farmhouse for my own, I came to know that, we can build a home anywhere but how that home should be? Everyone has their own dream about how their home or a farmhouse would be. The primary thing which we look as per our need while selecting the house is its convenience from the workplace, bus stop, railway station, market, medical store, school-college, clinic or hospital etc.

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