Owners Desk


I am Mr. Ganesh G. Dhamal, Managing Director of Pushkar Shelters welcome you all in various projects of the company. I take this opportunity to share the beginning experience of my company Pushkar Shelters with you. I launch any site or project by thinking about the people and nature first. This is because of my own experience which I have gone at the time of selecting a farmhouse for my own and I would like to share that experience today.   

While selecting a farmhouse for my own, I came to know that, we can build a home anywhere but how that home should be? Everyone has their own dream about how their home or a farmhouse would be. The primary thing which we look as per our need while selecting the house is its convenience from the workplace, bus stop, railway station, market, medical store, school-college, clinic or hospital etc.

Our first preference is for all these facilities which everyone wishes to have nearby to their home. Along with this the home should be Vastu friendly, plan pass and secured from the law side. We select the vastu which fulfills all the above requirements according to our need. But while going through all this I came to know that Land, View, Drawing and design, Landscape, compound and gate of the land and even the elevation of the home are all of the builder’s choice and a customer doesn’t get any chance to select anything from the above.

So if all these are of builder’s choice then what is of customer’s choice over here? The answer to this is the ‘bank’. Yes, the customer gets to choose only the bank for the loan. Builder do not ask about the customer’s preference for the home instead of that they ask about which bank they will prefer to opt for bank loan, where the customer work, what’s his financial capacity etc. and all this is basically to get an idea of which home need to offer to the customer according to their financial capacity. Along with this the builder also suggests indirectly that you do not have the financial capacity to go for the other luxury choices.

And if we purchased a farmhouse by clearing a way out through all this and went there to live with the whole family still the family cannot enjoy living there. This is because of the tension of the loan, which the head of the family took for purchasing the farmhouse which he constantly reminds whenever he sees the Vastu of the farmhouse. By seeing all this I got a question at that time, how the farmhouse would be a weekend home or how anyone can get relax over there with all the tensions of the expenses which they need to look for like the installments of the bank, and maintenance of the farmhouse etc.

I often observed that because of all these things most of us believe that having a farmhouse or any such kind of things is only for the rich people. Thus we do not bother to even try for it. By noticing all these things one day a thought crossed my mind. Why are we complaining all the time and stay silent by seeing all these things? Why not we take a step for this? After all, everyone should get a chance to own the things which they wish for.

Having this thought in mind I decided to establish a company where everyone can own these things according to their own choice and that too without having any financial tension. A company where the customer will be able to purchase a farmhouse or house by selecting the land, view of the land, drawing and design, landscape, compound and gate of the land, and the elevation of their home as per their own choice and not of builders choice.

Along with the reasonable rate which everyone can afford. So that they can enjoy it along with their family to its fullest. But before starting a company I wanted to study this field in detail and to know every facet of this field by traveling all over the world. However, I managed to travel within India only but that was also a great experience itself through which I learned a lot about the historical structures of the houses and buildings.

In this tour of India, I visited different cities in search of different historical structures of houses to study them till three years. And what I came to know that the earlier structure of the houses was built according to nature so that the inhabitants can get maximum benefits by being with nature. However, these days the structure of the houses are totally disturbing the balance of nature which is eventually affecting the life of the inhabitants.

After completing the three years study tour of India another three years I spent to study the market and locality of different cities. At last, I started collecting the experienced people from all over India which took another three years. And then the company Pushkar Shelters came into existence in 2007 with the nine years of total survey and study experience of the field to fulfill the desires of the people about having their own house as per they have wished for.

Since 2007 we are fulfilling the dreams of people of having their own house of their choice successfully and will constantly strive our best to fulfill everyone’s dream of having their own house in future too.

Here, at Pushkar Shelters we have launched the projects through the incessant study of two years and putting a lot of hard-work, by keeping the preferences of the people and the balance of nature as our topmost priority. We have selected the well experienced and renowned architect, town planner, surveyor, advocate, landscape designer, etc. to provide the best service to our clients.
We offer a chance to our clients to select the land and the view of their own choice in our project. The company makes available thousands of designs right from the 600 sq. ft. to 4000 sq. ft. of half acre villa to one-acre royal villa from which the clients can select whichever they want. Along with this, they also get the chance to choose a type of the house amongst the Australian wooden house, Indian house, and Modern American house etc.

The company also aids to get the landscape designing done by advising the clients about the right type of plantation through which they can get a profit such as, fruit plantation, medicine plantation, spice plantation, etc. Even the different types of compounds with beautiful designs, the colors of the branded company etc. all this also the company makes available for the clients to choose.
Our aim is to provide people or client a chance to select their own dream home as per they have wished for and at the reasonable rate which they can afford by maintaining the balance of nature. We are on our endless journey to launch the projects and to offer the home to the people as per their choices to let their dream of having their own home of their choice come true.