Mr. Prasad Bhatawadekar


Experience: Mr. Prasad Bhatawadekar is well experienced and has been in association with the company from last 9 years right from its inception. He has three and half years of working experience with the projects of the company.

Jyoti Nath Kugaji

Landscape Architect

Experience: Mr.Jyoti Nath Kugaji has experience in total layout finishing, internal streets, plotting layout etc. He has been working on the company’s projects from last four years and in association with the company from the beginning.

Mr. Dipak S. Shinde

R.C.C. Consultant

Experience: Having vast experience in the field Mr. Dipak Shinde is in association with the company from three years. He is working on the company’s project from last two and half years.

Mr. Suryvanshi

Legal Advisor

Experience: Mr. Suryvanshi is in-house legal advisor of the company and has total six years of the working experience with company’s project. He is in association with the company since its establishment i.e. 9 years.

Mr. Abhijit Joshi

Chartered Accountant

Experience: Chartered Accountant Mr. Abhijit Joshi is in association with the Pushkar Shelters. since the setting up of the company.