Investment in Property is the most preferred way for the non-resident Indian’s (NRI’s) who are looking to invest in India to increase their wealth. Through the continuous reforms which the government brings in the relaxation of FDI rules, Land Acquisition Act, and the Real Estate Regulatory bill it remains the best choice for the non-resident Indian’s (NRI’s).

According to the recent study about 49 percent of non-resident Indian’s (NRI’s) wish to purchase property in India only for the purpose of investment. Based on the study on 15,000 NRI’s across UAE conducted by the Sumansa Exhibitions Pune come in the top five list of the favorable cities as it enjoys the advantage of being in close proximity to the main cities and thus has emerged as one of the hotspots for the investments.
Pune also comes in the first 20 smart cities under the scheme “Smart Cities Mission” initiated by the Government. A “Smart City” refers to the metropolitan region which is highly progressive precisely in terms of sustainable real estate, overall infrastructure, market feasibility, and communications. Here, to provide the essential services to the tenants the information technology plays the foremost infrastructure. The technological platforms such as automated sensor networks and data centers include in it.


So, prior to the investment in the property, there are some questions which need to be addressed such as, about the developer and his credentials; about the property, its location, amenities, legalities, payment terms etc. Pushkar Shelters offers worthwhile investment alternatives in Pune which is one of the fastest developing cities in the region of Asia-pacific.

For Non-Resident Indians who missed being again in India and wish to have their home in India, we offer the best projects and services to fulfill their wish. We also offer the industrial land with all the facilities to the foreigners (as per the government rules) who aim to expand their business in India.

Pushkar Shelters carries a rich legacy over 9 years. The company has built on the trust, a belief of our customers, timely completion of projects coupled with strong planning and world’s best design innovation gives the group an edge over the others in the Real Estate Industry.

The group is one of the India’s leading real estate companies and renown for professionalism. The prevalent asset of the company is to provide results to the clients. We strongly believe in building the lifelong relationship with our clients by understanding their necessities and providing them the best results.