In the Pushkar Shelters Group, we believe in the concept of trusteeship and always try to reach out to the under served people. This involves transcending the interests of business and struggling with the challenges of “life’s quality” which the under served people need to face. Through this, we try to make a meaningful change in the lives of the under served people.

As per our vision, we continuously strive to influence the lives of the people in order to work towards the progress of our country. For this, we actively contribute to the social and economic growth of the communities in which we work.

Pushkar Shelters Group regularly involves in diverse activities which include organizing the blood donation camp; create awareness about different diseases and its precaution to take; Organize the awareness camp from village to village in order to encourage people for education; contribute to control the global warming and espousal to the social causes etc.

Along with this, we also believe that it is our responsibility to provide all the facilities to the family of Army, Navy and Air-force people who are away from their family and fighting on the border for the nation. As the managing director of the company Mr. Ganesh G. Dhamal himself belongs to the family of army person; he has seen all the hurdles which the families of army, navy, and air-force people need to face.

Thus, he has come up with this special offer for the families of those people who are serving the nation. For this, we are continuously trying our best to reach their families to offer all the required facilities.

We are on our constant endeavor to contribute towards the every needed aspect of the society and to aid the under served people in order to build a better community for a better tomorrow as stated in our mission.


Conservation of Greenery

Rain water Harvesting